Changhua Laurel Motel
  • Changhua Laurel Motel owns comfortable suites. The motel is designed by professional designers from Taiwan and Hong Kong. There are 23 5-star suites, and each of them has different theme. Each suite has fine toiletry and well-functioned facilities. What’s more, there are several plants inside the room that allow you to immerse yourself in the indoor natural world.
  • Luxurious Facilities

    There are luxurious facilities in the room. You can enjoy amazing audio experience. Each room has specially-designed light and ornaments.
  • Upscale Surrounding

    The whole surrounding is decorated with wooden ornament and purple light. It is best for couple to stay at the romantic room.
  • Classic Style

    The simple beige color goes perfectly with dim light. There is soft carpet and beautiful ornaments in the room. The whole surrounding provides you the feeling of cozy and comfortable.
  • Grand Toiletry

    The motel owns a great deal numbers of 5-star toiletry, including steam room, spa bathtub. Visitors can enjoy luxurious and king-liked service.
  • Romantic Ambiance

    The room is designed into romantic and trendy styles. You will surely be immersed yourself in the wonderful atmosphere.
  • Café

    The café allows visitors can savor coffee, tea or snacks while waiting to check-in.
  • Store information

    【Latest news】 ◎To show appreciation to patrons, the motel offers preferential bargain. Taking a rest in the motel costs only 680  dollars during weekdays. ◎Visitors can have the chance to win great prizes upon taking a rest or staying at the motel from now on.    【Promotion】 ◎TraNews readers can have 100 dollars off upon taking a rest in the motel during weekdays, and 300 dollars off upon  staying at the motel during weekdays. (The offer is not valid during CNY)(Presenting valid coupon, you can get a VIP card)              【Other information】  The motel co-operates with Changhua Yaker Taxi Station. Visitor can enjoy preferential bargain.    Yaker Taxi Station:04-7512277       【Room rate 】 ◎Luxurious suite Rest NTD1080(weekday/holiday) Accommodation NTD2980/NTD3980(weekday/ holiday) ◎Laurel suite  Rest NTD980(weekday/ holiday) Accommodation NTD2680/NTD3680(weekday/ holiday) ◎High-class suite Rest NTD880(weekday/ holiday) Accommodation NTD2480/NTD3480(weekday/ holiday) ◎Grand suite  Rest NTD780(weekday/ holiday) Accommodation NTD2280/NTD3280(weekday/ holiday) 【Notice】 ◎One unit of taking a rest is 3 hours. There will be 250 dollars charged with additional one hour added. ◎One unit of taking a rest during holidays after 6pm is 2 hours. There will be 250 dollars charged with additional one hour added. ◎Weekday check-in: after 7pm/ weekday check-out: before 12pm ◎Holiday check-in: after 10pm/ holiday check-out: before 12pm ◎Weekday: Sunday- Friday ◎holiday: Saturday- Sunday(one day before continuous holiday)  (Accommodation includes breakfast) 【Meal hours】0700am-1000am 【Booking hotline】04-762-3388 【Traffic information】Highway No. 1→Changhua Interchange→ Changshui Road 80m→Motel。 【GPS】E120.519611/ N24.062443 【Chinese Version】彰化桂冠汽車旅館‧ Address: No.31, Zhangshui Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County 500, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 營業電話:04-7623388